How do I book a tattoo?

You can contact us via our web enquiry form, on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.  We’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours, but please bear in mind that we don’t work on Mondays or Sundays.  Please try to give us as much information as possible when you initially contact us.  As a bare minimum, we will need to know the size of the tattoo, where you would like it to be placed, a general idea of the image you would like and the style (whether it has colour, fine lines etc).  Once we have enough information we will then pass you directly to the artist via a group chat so that you can have a conversation with them about the finer details of your tattoo.  They will then arrange the deposit with you which must be paid to secure your appointment date.

All our artists are self-employed. Although you will receive Ink Imaginarium branded emails, the artist is responsible for the booking and handling of any payment for the appointment. Ink Imaginarium does not take any money on behalf of artists other than Hayley.

How do I pay a tattoo deposit?

When booking online, artists will ask for a deposit by bank transfer but you are always welcome to come in and pay cash.  Some artists also have their own card machines.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Can I reschedule my tattoo session?

Tattoo appointments can be rescheduled ONE TIME without penalty if you give at least 5 days notice.  If you request to reschedule within 5 days of your appointment your deposit will be forfeit and a new deposit would have to be paid.  This is because your tattoo artist will be unlikely to fill your appointment with such short notice, which essentially means they would not be paid. You may reschedule your tattoo once only before a new deposit is required.

Can I transfer my deposit?

All deposits are non-transferable, this means your deposit cannot be given to someone else to use as a deposit.

Can I bring a friend/family member along?

Yes!  Unlike many other studios, we are happy for you to bring a friend or family member.  However, if the studio is particularly busy we may ask that they stay in the waiting area.

Do you offer walk-ins?

Not currently.   This is mainly because our artists are all booked up for at least a few weeks in advance so we don’t have the capacity for walk-ins.  If we have cancellations we will advertise on Facebook. 

What is your shop minimum?

£50 is currently our minimum charge.

Can I see the design before my appointment date?

We aim to send you a draft of your design a couple of days before your appointment so that you can review it and suggest adjustments, but this varies by artist.  Please ask your particular tattooist what their process is prior to booking.

Do you tattoo visible areas?


Do you tattoo under 18s with parental consent?

No.  The minimum legal age in the UK is 18 and parental consent does not override this.  If you look young we will ask for a photo ID – please don’t be offended!

How much is a deposit?

The deposit will be between 30-40% of your total tattoo cost, depending on the artist.  This deposit is deducted from your total cost and can be paid by bank transfer, cash (or in our web shop when booking with Hayley).

Do you offer cover-ups?

Yes.  We will always request a face-to-face consultation prior to committing to a cover-up project as they are generally more complex and it’s much easier to work out what’s possible when we see the tattoo in real life.

Do you offer vegan/eco products?

Many tattoo inks are vegan and we are able to provide you with the safety data sheets for all our inks on request.  Much of the equipment that we use is single-use so we try to opt for plastic-free where possible.

Do you tattoo over scars?

If a scar is fully healed then we can often tattoo over it.  Please get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation so we can have a look in person.

What should I wear?

Try to keep clothing loose so you can roll up your sleeves and legs easily if needed.
If you are having a tattoo on your back, we recommend a zip or button-up shirt/hoodie that you can wear backward to keep your arms and chest warm.  In the winter it’s a good idea to bring a dressing gown! 

We also recommend something zip-up or button-up if you are having a sternum tattoo, that way we can keep you as warm and dignified as possible during the tattoo process.

Can you use the picture I provide?

Our artists will not copy your reference images. In cases where the artwork must be copied, e.g. if it’s a specific character, logo or (non tattoo) artists work, we will seek permission to use the image to be granted by the original artist.

We will not copy images of other tattoos. This is degrading to our artists who excel at creating original designs and also unfair to the tattoo artist that made the original tattoo, as well as the client who paid for it originally.

What if I don’t like my design?

If the finished design is not to your liking, minor changes will be made for you. It’s vital that you communicate as much information as possible during your consultation and enquiry period. Our artists will endeavour to send your design 1-2 days prior to your appointment.

Substantial changes to the design or the request for an entirely new drawing or draft will require a new deposit and the original deposit will be forfeited as payment for the artist’s drawing time.

What if I get sunburnt?

We cannot tattoo sunburned skin, if you show up to your appointment with sunburn we will need to reschedule your appointment to the artist’s next available date and a new deposit will need to be paid.


Do I need to pay a deposit for piercings?


Do you do children’s piercings?

Yes, we do ear piercings on children from 6 months (providing their red book is up to date) with written parental consent and the parent or legal guardian present during the piercing. We also do nose (excluding septum) and navel piercings from 14 years old with written parental consent and with the parent or legal guardian present during the piercing.  All other piercings are strictly 18+ for insurance reasons.

Children’s piercings must be paid for, in full, at the start of the appointment.

Where possible, we will ask the child for their consent. If at any point the child retracts their consent we will not proceed with the piercing. No refunds will be offered so please make sure your child is committed to their piercing!

Do you use a gun or a needle?

We use single-use,  medical grade Introcan needles.  Piercing guns can cause unneccesary trauma to the sire of the piercing and cannot be sterilised.  You can find an extensive explanation of why piercing guns are not safe here.

Does your pricing include jewellery?

Yes.  We use medical grade titanium jewellery for all our initial piercings and this is included in the price.