Our Tattoo Aftercare Advice


1)   Your new tattoo is essentially an open wound.  To keep your tattoo clean, reducing the chance of infection, your tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo.

If you have a self-adhesive wrap, leave it on for 24 hours. If you have a cling film wrap leave it on for 2 hours.  It’s normal to find blood, excess ink and plasma (slimy stuff) after taking off the wrap.

2)  Before washing your tattoo, thoroughly wash your hands.  Wash your tattoo gently with fragrance free, antibacterial soap and luke warm water.  Make a foam in your hand with the soap and gently wash your tattoo.  Do not apply the soap directly to the tattoo. Wash until all excess blood, ink and plasma is gone.

You can watch our step by step video for cleaning your tattoo HERE.

3)  Dry the area by blotting with a fresh paper towel. Then leave to air dry.  Do not use a regular towel as the fibres can harbour bacteria.

4)  Gently rub in a small amount of aftercare cream.  We recommend Hustle Butter, coconut oil or cocoa butter.  DO NOT use Vaseline or Bepanthen

5)  Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 twice a day until fully surface healed.

6)  DO NOT soak your tattoo in any kind of water including bath, jacuzzi, swimming pool etc until it is completely healed (showering is fine)

7)  DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight until fully healed. Ensure a high factor sun cream is used after it is healed.

8)  After about 3-5 days it is normal for some scabbing to occur. DO NOT scratch or pick the scabs as this will affect the appearance of your tattoo and increases your chance of infection. Your tattoo will normally be fully surface healed between 10 and 14 days.  After this time your tattoo may appear faded or silvery.  This is the phase where the lower layers of skin are healing.  Continue to keep your tattoo moistured and well cared for and it should return to its full brightness and colour within a few weeks.


If you have any questions please message us on Facebook or if you are worried about your tattoo contact a pharmacist or medical professional immediately.

For more detailed healing and aftercare information we recommend the following website https://authoritytattoo.com/


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